Moved to Google Code

I’ve moved all SVN stuff to Google Code Hosting. This should make it easier for people to access the code, and for me to manage the project. Google Code’s SVN servers aren’t blazingly fast (in fact, I’d call them ass-slow), but they should be much more reliable than my own.

See more information on the Google Code site:


SVN Repository Changed

URL has changed to:

If you are using TortoiseSVN, you can right click in the project root (with trunk, etc) and go to Relocate…; enter the URL above, and wait a bit. This won’t kill any pending writes or extra files.

Trac is not yet moved over. Logins should still work.

I wanted to put everything on google code, but they make you clear your repository first (which means clearing the wiki and everything too). They also still don’t have anything like Trac.

Not dead…

…just very, very busy. My day job has crept into the night, and I haven’t had much time to work on PSP Player. The project is not dead, just on hold until we at Phanfare release our new big thing. After that I have some plans, big and small, for my little pet project. Stay tuned! (oh, and if you want to help out in the meantime, by all means please do! :)

PS3 Sucks

Picked up a PS3 last night, and I have to say that after using my 360 for the past year the PS3 just plain sucks. The menu system sucks (it’s fast, but that’s it), the store sucks (no trials enforced, crappy navigation), the demos suck (takes longer to ‘install’ a demo than it does to download it, and while it’s ‘installing’ you can’t do anything), the controller sucks (L2/R2 feel like they are broken, and playing Ridge Racer/GT without rumble is so unfun that I deleted them both), and there are no games. I literally walked out of the store with a PS3 and a movie (the NiN special DVD, because even none of the movies looked good!). Come on Sony! Stop sucking so much ass! I own your system, now make it worth it! The only reason I don’t return the $800 mess is because I hope that someday in the future the few exclusives they have will be worth it, but I dunno. Any cross platform game will definitely be played on my 360.

Back to Work…

My 360 died a horrible death the other day, so expect some work on the emulator in the coming weeks (at least, until it gets back to me and I can play some Overlord ^_^). I’ve got a few major things planned:

  • New input plugin (supporting generic gamepads, written in C#)
    • I’m not sure how I want to do this – DirectInput would be the easiest way, but if I’m going to put a days worth of effort in to something I’d want it to be usable under mono when I eventually port things – does anyone know a good solution for gamepad input? The only possibility I’ve seen is SDL via Tao or something, which seems pretty excessive.
  • Basic debugging support
    • It’s pretty much there, just needs some more work. On errors, instead of crashing/breaking to source, it will launch my debugger and show the line that caused the error.
  • Basic VFPU support
    • I’d like to get some of the simple stuff in, although it’s a lot of work to even get one of the instructions working. Some games that I care about use only 4-5 instructions, so I’ll probably build a list and only do those first.
  • Better UMD browser performance
    • Right now there is no caching, so large lists of UMD’s/EBOOT’s really slow things down. I may cache the metadata/pictures so that things run faster.
  • New UMD plugin
    • The current one is rather bad, and could be improved greatly to make it run much faster and consume less memory.

Wish me luck, and remember that I’d love to have help! Just shoot me a mail/reply/IRC PM/whatever!

June 2007 DirectX SDK out

LetsKillDave’s post

Direct download link (400MB)

It’s not yet used in the solution, but as soon as I get some time I’ll be rewriting the input plugin against it. If you don’t want problems, grab it!

This is really just to test out Windows Live Writer, which is pretty neat.


I’m moving across the country in a few days and will be occupied with that for awhile. Until I get settled in, there won’t be much new work (unless danzel/ector have some free time ;). When I get back, I’ll finish up the basic debugging functionality.


Welcome to the PSP Player development log! I’ll put updates and screenshots here regarding the stuff I’m working on.

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