Back to Work…

My 360 died a horrible death the other day, so expect some work on the emulator in the coming weeks (at least, until it gets back to me and I can play some Overlord ^_^). I’ve got a few major things planned:

  • New input plugin (supporting generic gamepads, written in C#)
    • I’m not sure how I want to do this – DirectInput would be the easiest way, but if I’m going to put a days worth of effort in to something I’d want it to be usable under mono when I eventually port things – does anyone know a good solution for gamepad input? The only possibility I’ve seen is SDL via Tao or something, which seems pretty excessive.
  • Basic debugging support
    • It’s pretty much there, just needs some more work. On errors, instead of crashing/breaking to source, it will launch my debugger and show the line that caused the error.
  • Basic VFPU support
    • I’d like to get some of the simple stuff in, although it’s a lot of work to even get one of the instructions working. Some games that I care about use only 4-5 instructions, so I’ll probably build a list and only do those first.
  • Better UMD browser performance
    • Right now there is no caching, so large lists of UMD’s/EBOOT’s really slow things down. I may cache the metadata/pictures so that things run faster.
  • New UMD plugin
    • The current one is rather bad, and could be improved greatly to make it run much faster and consume less memory.

Wish me luck, and remember that I’d love to have help! Just shoot me a mail/reply/IRC PM/whatever!


7 comments so far

  1. Hamitamaru on

    I was wondering if you could recompile the cpu and video dll’s for svn 308, the ones that i compile aren’t detected by the pspplayer, and help wound be appreciated

  2. noxa on

    Check out, they build stuff there.

  3. Alorwin on

    Yay, new SVN’s! 308 and 309 are now compiled, thank you noxa for the progress. Also, is Overlord good? I saw a trailer for it, and it made me drool.

  4. noxa on

    The demo is great, but it doesn’t come out until the 29th. Unfortunately, with no 360 I won’t be playing it (it comes out for the PC too, but I have a nice TV :).

    It’s movie night tonight, but tomorrow I plan on putting some more work in to the VFPU bits.

  5. Alorwin on

    Gasp! YAY FOR PC! I can’t wait to get it then! *joys* Also, CrimsonRain.Com is stealing my compiles and not crediting me, or :

  6. Hamitamaru on

    Okay, i checked and it seems i’m not the only person with this problem. Others cannot activate cpu or video in config. Any ideas, thx

  7. noxa on

    Sucks Alorwin – I’m surprised generalemu doesn’t have hotlinking of attachments disabled. May want to tell their admins.

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