PS3 Sucks

Picked up a PS3 last night, and I have to say that after using my 360 for the past year the PS3 just plain sucks. The menu system sucks (it’s fast, but that’s it), the store sucks (no trials enforced, crappy navigation), the demos suck (takes longer to ‘install’ a demo than it does to download it, and while it’s ‘installing’ you can’t do anything), the controller sucks (L2/R2 feel like they are broken, and playing Ridge Racer/GT without rumble is so unfun that I deleted them both), and there are no games. I literally walked out of the store with a PS3 and a movie (the NiN special DVD, because even none of the movies looked good!). Come on Sony! Stop sucking so much ass! I own your system, now make it worth it! The only reason I don’t return the $800 mess is because I hope that someday in the future the few exclusives they have will be worth it, but I dunno. Any cross platform game will definitely be played on my 360.


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  1. Slbdevil PT on

    if you dont like your ps3 give it to me! lol, it´d be great. xD

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