Moved to Google Code

I’ve moved all SVN stuff to Google Code Hosting. This should make it easier for people to access the code, and for me to manage the project. Google Code’s SVN servers aren’t blazingly fast (in fact, I’d call them ass-slow), but they should be much more reliable than my own.

See more information on the Google Code site:


4 comments so far

  1. Fox on

    Finally… some progress :P
    I would love to emulate GTA LCS so i don’t have to put the modded files (i m documenting file formats) on the psp over and over again but that will probably still takes ages. I m looking forward to see updates on any game though :)

  2. Leandro on

    I agree “easier for people to access the code”
    Congratulation for the great work.

  3. Dred on

    i’m looking forward to this emu…
    it has lots of potential

  4. Oli on

    Hey Noxa

    Just checked out the source code… and its very impressive the amout of work you put into this!

    I might have a look at code and see if i couldn’t bring a little something to the project. Ive been developing videogames for the last 4 years and i programmed a bit on the PS3 (which could prove useful)

    So keep it up!

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